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"First I thought that modern day slavery doesn’t exist but now I see that it’s still going on…I want to tell people that Human Trafficking is still happening in Ghana so people are aware of it and when those kind of people come to them...”

Emerging Voices Participant

What we do

City hearts Africa is an independent NGO founded in 2015 from City Hearts UK, a charity that exist to help those whose lives have been torn apart by Human Trafficking and life controlling issues. City Hearts Africa was created to help meet the needs of vulnerable children and families in Accra Ghana.

Since 2015 we have worked with local communities and schools in Accra to support and sponsor vulnerable children who were affected by poverty.

Our Child Partnership Program (CPP) was designed to be part of the answer for a generation of children and youth caught in a cycle of vulnerability through poverty and inadequate education. The CPP offered extra curricula activity for young people increasing their aspirations and employability opportunities as well as working closely with the families to meet practical health and wellbeing needs such as housing and food.

In addition, City Hearts Africa has carried out research into the impact of arts and humanities based international development approaches to combating child trafficking in Ghana. This project was called Emerging Voices:

Watch the project Show Reel Here

Since April 2021 City Hearts started a new project Victim Support and Integration Programme (VSIP). The goal of City Hearts Africa is that the Victim Support and Integration Programme will help build improved and stronger Victim Support in Ghana, beginning in Accra. It will enable us to continue to work alongside local police, government shelters and other NGOs to increase the level of support given to victims of Human Trafficking in Ghana. 

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the board of directors

The Board of Directors has the principal responsibility for fulfilment of City Hearts Africa (Ghana) vision, mission and the legal accountability for its operations.  They accomplish their functions through regular monthly meetings. The Board is open to self-evaluation and regularly reviews our own composition to ensure constituent representation, and Board expertise and commitment.

The Board of Directors of City Hearts Africa does not exist solely to fulfil legal duties and serve as a fiduciary of the organization’s assets. The Board of Directors also play very significant roles providing guidance to City Hearts Africa by contributing to the organization’s culture, strategic focus, effectiveness, and financial sustainability, as well as serving as ambassadors and advocates in our community.


Anne-Marie Segbedzi

Anne-Marie Segbedzi has 15 years of experience in Compliance Advisory. Her experience includes working with the UK Financial Regulator and in financial services, specifically in investment banking and consulting at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Currently Anne-Marie works in compliance supporting Investment Managers to comply with various regulations for trading on behalf of clients. Anne-Marie’s passion is to apply her skills to create opportunities that make a difference to the lives of individuals.


Sarah Naa Dedei  Agbey

Sarah Naa Dedei Agbey, an experienced development practitioner with over 20 years’ expertise in Planning, Organisational Development and Good Governance. Currently, she is a farmer, has set up an organisation called Growth Solutions and currently serving as a member of a Task Team developing a National Clean Cooking Strategy for Ghana. She serves as a Board Chair and Member in five (5) organisations in Ghana. Sarah is a strong believer of building strong systems, structures and processes for organisations to create and sustain thriving market.



Nienke Maris-Meijer grew up in Ghana for the first years of her life. She has a background in Human Resource Management and Busniness Administration. She worked for several years with a Dutch based international NGO and covered their international HR.


Akuetteh Animdee Nortey worked as a law enforcement officer for well over thirty years until his retirement in 2021. During this period he worked with the National Investigations Committee (NIC), The Serious Fraud Offices (SFO) and the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) with the mandates to investigate and prosecute financial, economic crimes, organised crime including human trafficking.



Beverly Obeng-Frimpong is Structural Engineer by profession. She’s married to Randolph Obeng-Frimpong and they both live and work in Ghana. She specializes in buildings and has been involved in a number of building projects within Ghana and in Benin.

Since March 2020, due to COVID-19, CHA has sadly been unable to operate the Child Partnership Programme (CPP) and Emerging Voices Project due to government regulations closing schools and stopping gatherings. However CHA was able to help the CPP families through the initial stages of crisis with emergency hampers and educational packs, which brought support and stability to the vast majority of our families in this very hard time