Emerging Voices Education Pack

The education pack covers a broad span of material, ranging from creative arts workshops to heritage site visits, designed to educate young people on historical slavery and modern day Human Trafficking in Ghana. The pack can be used in part or full and adapted for multiple educational settings as needed. 


Emerging Voices Written Report

The report focuses on Arts and Humanities anti-slavery strategies, demonstrating that new arts based approaches to education on Human Trafficking can increase knowledge by up to 62%. The Emerging Voices project has taken place over the last 18 months in Accra, Ghana, exploring young people’s awareness of historical slavery and modern day Human Trafficking through creative workshops, lessons and heritage site visits. Funded by the Anti-Slavery Knowledge Network, Emerging Voices has gathered research and presents its findings in this final report. 


Partnership and the Future

City Hearts Africa is committed to working with existing and new partners to bring positive change. At the momen we are operational in Ghana, but  in the future we hope to work across West Africa to bring lasting change. 

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