our vision & Values

City Hearts Africa is committed to bring positive and lasting change to people freed from Human Trafficking as well as to vulnerable young people and families in Ghana.  We aim to bring hope, sustainable change, and restoration of lives through practical support, education and systemic change.  

our values


We are accountable to the people we help as well as our donors and our contract holders and do everything with the utmost integrity.


Our work is not bound by race, gender or sexuality. We treat every life equally and show compassion to those in need. 


We work continuously hard to develop solutions for those we help in order to gain the best outcomes.


We are hope filled, believing all things are possible in the lives of those we help.


We offer programmes that foster independence and lasting change for those we help.


We carry an outstanding reputation developed through years of experience and a continual desire to progress and respond to the needs of those we help.